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SaleSource is an AI powered suite of tools designed to make success at ecommerce fast, easy & risk free. Take your first step towards a profitable dropshipping business - you'll be in good hands using the tool with the most advanced features on the market.
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100+ Premium Features | 10,000+ Shopify Merchants | 1,000,000+ Products

1,500,000+ Winning Products Picked By AI

Access a curated list of 1,500,000 best selling products, split up into the top 25 niches of all time. View weekly and monthly best sellers to keep up with trends.

Automate Your Way To Ecommerce Success

Save time and money and focus on the things that matter. For any product, SaleSource automatically :
  • Finds top rated suppliers with fast shipping, cheap prices & great customer service.
  • Finds high converting, unique product videos to make viral Facebook Ads.
  • Generates top quality, well written descriptions that effortlessly sell your product.
  • Shows you every competitor store on all available ecommerce platforms.
  • Guides you on store design and app selection to optimise your sales.
  • Finds proven best sellers & new trending products from Top Stores for fast success.


Instant Competitor Intelligence.

View all other stores (Shopify, Amazon, Wordpress & many more) selling a given product. See their apps, theme & accurate sales estimates provided by our VolumeFind2 algorithm.


Find Top Suppliers With One Click.

See all suppliers for any product, get the cheapest price, USA shipping or whatever else you need to save time, money and keep your customers happy.


View Top Buyers. Any Product. Any Time.

See exactly who has ordered the most units of a product to determine market saturation. Made effortless by our product-research-on-the-go chrome extension.


Get Results On Autopilot

View detailed trends of the past 6 months of a products units sold per day, determine if a product is trending now or has passed its time in the limelight.

Success With Shopify Made Simple

Find out the kind of products the top stores on Shopify sell and emulate their success with our list of over 20,000 top selling & famous stores, updated weekly.

Disappearing Daily Trending Products

Your own personal dropshipping product feed - that disappears before the products become saturated. Rewarding the dedication of those who check back daily to be the first to get the edge.

Deep Shopify Store Analysis

Find out in seconds everything there is to know about any Shopify store - all their best sellers & all their recently uploaded products, a highly accurate sales estimate & more.

Dominate Facebook Ads With Over 200,000 Product Videos

Use our vetted marketing videos to create viral Facebook & YouTube Ads that convert no matter what.

Scale your store to 7 figures with factory pricing.

What do MVMT, GymShark and virtually any large ecommerce business have in common? They all get their products for the lowest factory price. Our live sourcing agents will help you get the rock bottom cost and have your product shipped directly from the factory, no reseller involved. Want to know the best thing? You don't even have to order in bulk - available on Pro & Elite plans only.

Your Cost Of Goods: $20.00

Cheapest Reseller: $10.00

Factory Price: $5.00

World class support & training, 24 hours a day.

Need help with anything? Our dedicated live chat team is available to help you with anything you need. Personalised advertising & conversion support including Store Review is available on the Pro + plans.

24/7 Live Chat

Speak with real people, not bots - forget about dealing with slow support tickets, get the help you deserve straight away from our capable support team.

Monthly Webinars & Training

Get live training on best practices and secret tricks of the trade from people who have made it in ecommerce, including over 30 conversion boosting hacks that have been curated over years of experience.

Expert Support

Forget about getting advice from gurus with rented Lamborghini's or 'self proclaimed' experts on Facebook groups who have never made a sale - our support is the real deal and have all made a living from ecommerce.

Key Features

Product Analyzer

Product Video Finder

Store Analyzer

Competitor Ad Campaigns

Product Description Generator

Product Saturation Checker

Find Product Shipped From The USA

Top Stores Viewer & Rankings

View Top Dropshippers of Any Product

Perfect Store Design Guider

6 Month Sales Graph For Any Listing

Competitor Sales Intelligence

Best Deal | 7 Day Free Trial

$ 49 / mo

✔ Access 1,500,000+ Winning Products

✔ New Trending Products Daily

✔ Personal (Exclusive) Product Feed

✔ Competitor Intelligence

✔ Competitor Ad Campaigns

✔ Product Description Generator

✔ Bulk Product Video Finder

✔ Deep Shopify Store Analyzer

✔ Deep Product Analyzer

✔ Best Product Research Chrome Extension

✔ Shopify & Product Research Training

✔ 24/7 Live Chat Support

✔ Access To 100+ Extra Conversion Boosting Features

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Cody Greene
7 Figure Dropshipper
"It's 2019 and dropshipping is one of the most competitive business models out there. I needed some kind of advantage and SaleSource was just that. Just so many advanced features that it took a while to take it all in. These guys don't mess around."
Jakub Mazur
Marketer & Dropshipper
"With this tool, I no longer feel frantic or that I am missing out on winning products. I simply see everything, choose what I like and sell it. Changed dropshipping for me."
Vippul Mishra
"Seeing every competitor store already selling a product that I wanted to sell was such a wake-up call. The Chrome Extension makes me excited to go on Aliexpress everyday and hunt new products. Thanks guys!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

SaleSource directly supports and integrates with Shopify, and SaleSource product analysis supports all e-commerce platforms. If you are sourcing from Aliexpress, SaleSource is the best product research tool to use.
SaleSource works for all countries around the globe. We accept payments from all major card companies, including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB, Discover etc.
No, you will not be charged. You can cancel anytime at
Yes, and 95% of paying customers upgrade before their trial is over due to the high quality of the service.
Factory Pricing is where we connect you with reliable sourcing agents in China that we have personally used ourselves, or that we know are capable of fulfilling tens of thousands of orders per day. Sourcing agents like these can provide very quick shipping, as low as 7 - 12 days to the USA, can provide custom packaging and and any other personalised touches to an item. They can also provide a much lower price per unit, up to 70 % lower, since there is no Aliexpress markup - they will source it directly from the factory that makes the product. The only caveat to this service is that typically sourcing agents only take on customers that get 25 + orders per day.
Yes, and 95% of paying customers upgrade before their trial is over due to the high quality of the service.
Yes absolutely, we support changing of plans at any time.